At the Robot-Game the team must solve as many tasks as possible on a playfield within 2:30 minutes by using their selfbuilded LEGO robot.
The tasks display the theme of the current season. This years theme is called Super Powered

Accordingly, the team has to solve tasks related to the extraction, transport and use of energy. The team must independently build solutions for the tasks from Lego and also independently program the robot so that it solves the tasks completely autonomously. Our robot has 2 large motors for driving, which also have 2 gears where you can pick them up for possible coasters. It also has 2 medium motors for the attachments. These can be tapped from above and from the front. Our robot also offers the possibility to attach attachments on the back as a backpack or on the side as a sidepack. In addition, the robot has 3 color sensors and a gyroscope sensor. One color sensor is used to detect the attachments and independently select the correct program. 2 color sensors are located at the bottom of the motors, which are used to follow lines or to align ourselves with lines.


The program is written with Lego's own EV3 Mindstorms software. The programs consist of individual blocks that are executed one after the other. The attachments have different mechanisms for solving the tasks, such as pneumatics, jibs or barbs. Often, tasks are solved by themselves, such as simply driving against or pushing against them. For impressions of past Robot Games, please visit our Youtube-Channel.